Grim a posted Aug 3, 17

RFO TPP Team is cooking tasty events for everyone!

Stay tuned and always check the Events section in the forums for details and info.

Suprise events are already happening ingame!

So spread the word to your friends and come play!

Have Fun and Play Hard!

-RFO TPP Management

chuku155 o GM kindly checked damage ranger Hidden Soldier


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Click HERE to read all the forum and ingame rules.


~RFO TPP Management

Chandlier Just change it to something fishy i dunno how to change it anyway this is my old enjin account on RF newepic lol

July 31st update

Grim a posted Jul 31, 17

Be sure to update your client with the latest patch.

Click HERE to see the changelog and download link.

Have Fun and Play Hard!

~RFO TPP Management

Apollo sir. mage skills are low as supposed to be.

Updated Rules and Guidelines

Grim a posted Jul 30, 17

Click HERE for the RFO TPP Forum and InGame Rules and Guidelines. Please take time to read, understand and follow them.


Chandlier Chandy <3

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Patience a posted Jul 21, 17
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